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Things That Keep Them Coming Back

A fundamental theory of Economics states that a market exists where this is a buyer and a seller. Without a buyer not only is the market not in function, but the brand is also non-existent.

There is no greater asset a business has than its customers. The customers are the backbone of any business, be it manufacturing or service-oriented.

Research states that customer retention is largely responsible for boosting revenues which casts more than 52% impact on revenue reports.

Sending a customer away happy and satisfied is not only a positive sign for sales but can also serve as a catalyst for enlarging the customer base. After all, happy customers are the most effective agents of word-of-mouth publicity.

Here are a few tips to stay on your customers’ better side.

Giving the VIPs the Treatment They Deserve

Like it or not, customers consider themselves to be on a hierarchical structure of the company’s client list. Those who have been in business with the company consider themselves VIPs and this is a position that they will not trade for anything.

Being a VIP is not only about the status it offers; it is more about the perks they expect to get. Considering the Pareto principal, if you invest in the 20% which bring your company 80% of your revenue, it is not a bad deal.

Things that help retain such customers are follow-up calls or emails; complimentary services/products; special discounts and of course, extra special customer care.

Brand souvenirs can play as double-edged swords in this case because not only do they make excellent gifts but also act as marketing tools.

 Customer Care For Every Buyer

While it is great to have a list of VIP clients, one must always keep their client-base broad in case the company suffers losses and the burden needs to be shared. But it is hard to have customers stick through tough times if they feel their loyalty hasn’t been rewarded.

In order to make your customers feel like they are valued, customer care is crucial. What separates an ordinary company from a name that is known and loved by all is the way they treat their customers.

Customer care is not limited to on-spot manners about dealing with clients. It includes everything from offering convenient packages to each customer, resolving any issues in their best interest, being well-versed in the company’s motives and services, and maintaining composure at times of conflict.

📷While the temperament of each customer differs from another, the expertise of the team on board lies in being able to handle each to maximize their utmost satisfaction.

Time and Attention To Follow Up

Just like any other relationship, the value of CRM cannot be underestimated. To build trust, dependence and loyalty, you need to give customers due time and show them your efforts. However, this comes at a price that some companies naively consider a drain on their pool of resources.

Much like the Pareto rule, this is an investment that will pay off in the future. Many businesses require greater customer interaction than others. These include salons, restaurants and designers. A good tip for such entrepreneurs can be to engage with their clients on a personal level when offering them any service.

Keeping them updated about recent developments, new services and policy changes; checking to inquire about their reviews on a service; or just asking if they need any other service is the right way to follow up.

 A simple “How’re you doing today?” or following up on their lives like “Congratulations, on your promotion!” can make a world of difference in how they perceive you. Not to mention this is a leading reason why customers keep going back to their regular service providers.

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