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Commercial Logo Floor Mats

Businesses today are moving away from plain boring service rugs and utilizing the same space to take advantage of a branding opportunity.  Commercial logo floor mats create another creative yet functional way to remind their customers of their imagery and colors.  After all, the goal of branding is to be recognized by your image alone.

Commercial floor mats also have a functional purpose of course, and there are several things to consider when making this decision.  First, you will need to identify if the commercial floor mat is for indoor or outdoor use?  Is it in a high traffic area? How long will you need the floor mat or be able to replace it?  These questions will help us determine the best fit for your needs. 

Recessed Logo Carpet Inlay

McGrath Lexus and Lexus Corporate is an example of successful branding with use of floor mats as well as Recessed Carpet Inlay on a tile entrance.  The entranceway was tiled with automatic opening doors and the tile was cut out to the size of the logo floor mat so the floor mat could lay flush with the tile.  Therefore not prohibited the door from opening properly.  Not only did the entrance mat proudly display the Lexus logo, a custom logo runner then guided the customer every step of the way to the desired location.

Business that benefit from Commercial Logo Mats include:

  • Hospitality 

  • Industrial 

  • Recreation 

  • Restaurants 

  • Retail 

  • Education

  • Healthcare

Commercial Logo Floor Mat - Lexus
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